How to get started with data-journalism: Resources

Data-journalism is more than a buzzword. Liliana Bounegru presented free online resources you could use to get information on this topic. First of all there’s, a website of the european journalism centre which was launched in 2010. It covers the latest developments, contains tutorials, interviews with leading data-journalists. Furthermore there’s a public mailinglist, which aims to encourage discussions and collaboration. 800 people already have signed up. Feel free to join.

Liliana Bounegru also introduced the data-journalism handbook, a reference book for everyone. It was published in the end of April. The print version should be available in july at O’Reillys. 70 contributors from all over the world worked six months on the data-journalism handbook.

It replys to the questions:

  • What is data-journalism?
  • Where can i find data?
  • How can i request data?
  • Which tools can I use?
  • Where do i find stories in data?

A collection of links to get, use and share data is available at Concluding there will be a new edition of the data-journalism awards in autumn. Detailed information about how this projects were developed will be provided.

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