Convergence, 2012

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What Audiences and Advertisers Are Telling Us About the Real Age of All-Access, Multi-Media and News Anywhere.

Media industry analyst Ken Doctor takes on a wide-ranging tour of the news and media landscape. He will emphasize many real-world examples, drawn from newspapers and non-newspaper companies, keying in on those changes most impacting the business of news today.

In the morning, he will focus on the wider business of news landscape, including newer models like All-Access subscription sales, used by publishers from the New York Times to Axel Springer to smaller community newspapers, and on advertising, Digital First models and what news media can learn from Netflix and Amazon.

In the afternoon, he’ll talk through two big topics:
•    The tablet/mobile revolution and what it means to the products we create and how we can make money from them.
•    A wide view of changing content creation and aggregation, as editors grow their roles beyond working with only full-time salaried staff.

It will be a spirited day of presentation, give-and-take and discussion. Ken Doctor describes his work as „reality-based workshops.“ „Anyone in journalism must confront the world as it is — not the way we’d like it to be — and roll with the changes our challenging times offer.“

The workshops targets at newsroom executives. (In English, moderation provided.)

Lunch with the speaker is included in the fee.

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About the Speaker:

Media industry analyst Ken Doctor, author of Newsonomics, scours the fast-changing news media landscape for opportunities. A veteran of the digital news industry, Ken combines deep experience as an executive in news strategy, revenue models and journalism. His experience includes 21 years with Knight Ridder, as well as time spent in the worlds of magazines, alternative journalism and syndication. 

“We live in the first truly Digital News Decade,” he’s written. Doctor, who also writes for the Nieman Journalism Lab and Outsell, focuses on the emergence of the tablet as unexpected lifeline, digital circulation models and other new legs of revenue now maturing, among numerous other topics.


13.03.201210:00 - 17:00
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Ken Doctor
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