Crafting scenes - Creating characters

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Storytelling workshop 1: Making characters come alive (25.-26.03.2019, two morning sessions):

Characters propel plot. Characters connect us to issues. Characters make us care.  How do you bring characters to life on the page? How do you create living, breathing, believable – and memorable – characters? This two-day workshop explores the FOUR main ways writers can create three-dimensional characters. Join award-winning nonfiction author Lauren Kessler to explore, discuss – and practice – the art of character building.



Day 1: 

– Characters as engines of storytelling

– What do we know when we say we “know a character

– Interviewing and developing character

– Character object exercise

Day 2:

– The 4 ways to bring characters to life

– Character appearance exercise

– Characters speak: the art of dialog


Storytelling workshop 2: Crafting compelling scenes (27.-28.03.2019, two morning sessions):

The narrative approach to journalism is based on bringing a story to life, on engaging readers emotions as well as their intellect. Taking cues from both fiction and film, narrative journalism makes use of carefully and compellingly crafted scenes that reveal characters and plot. Learn what it takes to create such scenes in this two-day workshop with award-winning author and narrative journalism Lauren Kessler.



Day 3:

– The cinematic approach to narrative journalism

– What a scene can and MUST do in a story

– What you need to write a scene and how to get it

– Scene exercise

Day 4:

– The flow of exposition, description and narration in crafting scenes

– Action, dialog and scenes

– The art of detail

– Transitioning into and out of scenes

– Scene exercise


Note: You can book both storytelling workshops (four morning sessions) together or one of the two storytelling workhops seperately.

If you are interested in the the 2-week „TransAtlantic Storytelling Summerschool 2019“, this course is an ideal preparation! Information about the Summerschool will follow soon.


Your Trainer:

Lauren Kessler ( is an American journalist and the award-winning author of 9 books who combines lively narrative with deep research to explore everything from the seemingly romantic but oh-so-gritty world of ballet to the wild, wild west of the anti-aging movement, from the stormy seas of the mother-daughter relationship to the hidden world of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Her books have been Wall Street Journal and People magazine „best“ selections, Washington Post and Los Angles Times bestsellers. She has written for the New York Times magazine, Los Angeles Times magazine, O (Oprah) magazine and The Nation among others. Her book of essays on the art and craft of writing, Gute Texte, was just recently published in Austria.

She blogs at about wellness and living an engaged life. Kessler is an international speaker and workshop leader and the creator of two graduate programs in narrative journalism at the University of Oregon.

25.03.2019 - 28.03.201909:30 - 13:00
350,- (four morning sessions), 200,- (two morning sessions)
Lauren Kessler
Karl-Farkas-Gasse 18, 1030 Wien Anfahrtsplan