Bratislava/Vienna: Crossregional Storytelling Journey and Workshop

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Vienna and Bratislava are the two closest capitals in the world. Yet there are surprisingly few cultural, political and social points of contact between the cities and the common region. What can be reported journalistically about the other „side“ that is relevant to the local audience? How can you connect the region?

The EU has already implemented projects to bring the region closer together. Thanks to the European Parliament, funding for such projects has recently been increased significantly.

In this workhop/ excursion setting, you and your colleagues from Austria and Slovakia develop and produce a story about the other city/ region that is relevant to their audience. Existing EU initiatives in the Centrope region can serve a starting point for reflection and further reporting.

We are looking for 10 young journalists ( ca.18 – max. 30 years) from Austria and Slovakia who want to produce crossregional stories that create a better understanding of the region.

All 10 participants will produce a story and discuss their ideas with Austrian and Slovak MEPs in Strassbourg/ France. See application details below. 

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Thanx to a cooperation with the European Parliament Liaison Offices in Austria and Slovakia, the participation in the two workshops and the excursion to Strasbourg is free of charge.


This is how this program is structured:

  1. At the in-person kick-off workshop between Vienna and Bratislava, you get in contact with colleagues from the respective other country and find points of common interest. You jointly develop possible story ideas.
  2. In an online storytelling workshop, you develop your story and get insights and hints on how to build and tell your story in a catchy way.
    Following that, you research your story (in the respective neighboring country) and produce it for a publication.
  3. You present your contribution (text, video, audio, image) during an excursion to the European Parliament in Strasbourg/ France.
    At this joint closing event, you discuss your ideas with Members of the European Parliament and stregthen your connections and network.


You will acquire these skills:

  • You get in touch with journalists and experts from Slovakia and Austria
  • You share ideas and thought with journalists and colleagues from a neighboring country/ region
  • You develop and enhance your storytelling skills
  • You build up and strengthen your networks with your colleagues
  • You get to know facts and insights of the EU and the Centrope common region
  • You get to know the European Parliament in Strasbourg/ France



  1. Kick-off Workshop: Tuesday, November, 16th 2021, 10:00-17:00h, Hainburg
  2. Online-Storytelling Workshop: November, 24th 2021, 09:30-16:30, Zoom
  3. Trip to Strasbourg/ France – Final Presentation: winter/spring 2022, details will be announced soon


Apply, if you:

  • have at least 2 years of professional experience in journalism/ media production (any format)
  • are up to 30 years old
  • have sufficient skills in English to follow a workshop and communicate with your colleagues
  • report for an Austrian or Slovak medium and intend to publish the story developed during this program
  • intend to travel to the European Parliament in Strasbourg and discuss with Members of the European Parliament in January 2022.

Max. participants: 10 (5 Austrians / 5 Slovaks) – m/f/d



Fill in the registriation form and send a short motivational text (max. 1.500 characters) on what would be a topic or story you would like to report on between in the Region between Vienna an Slovakia and how you would like to process it.

Mail your text to Betreff: Crossregional Storytelling

Deadline for applications: November 11 2021, 12:00h.



No fees.

Thanx to a cooperation with the European Parliament Liaison Offices in Austria and Slovakia we can offer the participation in the two workshops (including travel expenses to the venue of the kick-off workshop) and the excursion to Strasbourg (travel fees and accomodation) free of charge.



Tanja Paar is a journalist, presenter and media trainer.

In addition to studying German, history and philosophy in Graz, Vienna and Lausanne, she worked as a freelancer for Falter and the news magazine Profil. After that, she was editor of the Austrian daily DerStandard for twelve years. In 2011 she was voted Journalist of the Year. During her educational leave in 2012, she studied computer science, and in 2015 she completed her master’s degree in International Media Innovation Management.


Workshop Coordination:

Edith Michaeler has long been dealing with digitization and media innovation. She works as a journalist and project manager for national and international and innovation projects and develops and heads digital journalistic projects at fjum_forum journalismus und media.
Her core topics are entrepreneurial journalism, multimedia storytelling, and – at the format level – podcasts. Since her Executive Master’s degree in “International Media Innovation Management” (2014), Edith has been accompanying and advising organizations on the development of digitization projects. She hosts the well liked podcast „Erzähl mir von Wien“.

Gunther Müller plans and designs the program of the fjum_forum journalism and media. Müller started out as a freelance journalist for the Salzburger Nachrichten before moving to the editorial office of the monthly magazine Datum. From there he ended up in the internal politics department of From 2007 to 2013, Müller was the foreign policy editor for the news magazine profil. Among other things, he writes for the weekly newspaper Die Zeit.


Any further questions?

Send a mail to Edith Michaeler

The program is supported by the European Parliament Liaison Offices in Austria and Slovakia.

fjum_forum journalism and media cooperates with Ringier Axel Springer School of Journalism in Bratislava/ Slovakia.


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