Europe 2017: Avoiding Electoral Surprises

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Part 4 – France: Voters’ Perceptions and Concerns

Cooperation project between fjum and the European Commission Representation in Austria.

Seminar series on the countries that hold election in spring 2017. Information regarding Albania to follow.



If election polls are to be trusted, the new French president will not represent the old, established parties. Some analysts indicate that voters want change, distrust traditional elites and aspire to see a reformed European Union. While international media publish numerous articles on the possible outcome of the 23 April elections, mostly from the Paris angle, the fjum seminar will focus on the local context with a two-pronged approach.

The Montpellier-based Yves Champetier, leading European specialist in rural development, will discuss the view from the French south, traditional stronghold of the far-right Front National. He will describe the concerns of the voters who feel forgotten or poorly understood by Paris.
The Paris-based journalist, editor and presently director of a school of journalism, Jacques Rosselin will discuss the general issues that matter to the French voters, such as the loss of trust in the political elites and voters’ view of Europe.


Learning Objective

To detect the most important elements that have to be taken into account when writing, analysing, following and commenting on political and social developments in France. To know what matters on the ground to French voters, not how outsiders react in this regard.



The session consists of 2 presentations and an interactive discussion. The reduced group size allows for a continuous dialogue. On Friday, 14 April, all participants will receive several articles on recent developments in France.


Target Groups

Journalists from the Austrian and Austria-based media, foreign and national news desks.



Read the provided material before the session.

Maximum number of participants: 12

Registration deadline: 14 April 2017



Yves Champetier is a leading international specialist in rural development at local, regional and European level. He has developed and managed the most important local and international rural development programs in Europe. Currently, he is a board member of the Brussels-based European Association for Information in Local Development and actively involved in promoting small businesses, especially those with social impact, in the Montpellier region. Full CV

Jacques Rosselin is director of L’école du nouveau journalism, school of journalism specialised in innovative journalistic approaches, based on data and technologies. His broad professional experience in media and journalism encompasses the foundation the major weekly Le Courrier International, and editing the most important economic weekly La Tribune. Full CV


Further Questions

For additional information about the session, contact Mirjana Tomić, seminar manager,, or call 0676 365 26 93

Mirjana Tomić develops and manages fjum_Kontext information sessions on international current affairs. Her international career encompasses journalism, media and political analyses, public outreach and university lecturing. She holds a BA degree in Political Science from Brandeis University, US, and an MA from El Colegio de México, Mexico City, Mexico.

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