Help your story to get attention: Social Media Optimization for Journalists

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“If the news is important, it will find me”, a college student’s phrase cited by the NYT, was coined in 2008. Still, it seems that in many a newsroom this is seen as a threat, rather than an opportunity for journalism.

Chris Moran, SEO and SMO Manager at The Guardian and currently working with the Guardian’s newly-founded US operation in New York, will give insights into the Guardian’s social media strategies and explain how your story may find its readers.

It is undeniable that social media is rapidly becoming a competing driver of traffic. In the recent study “Navigating News Online”, the Pew Research Centre’s Project for Excellence in Journalism determined that Social Media, most notably Facebook, are emerging as powerful news-referring sources. At major U.S. news-sites, Facebook is the second or third most important driver of traffic. By the same token, “share” tools that appear alongside most news stories rank among the most clicked-on links. The same is predominantly true for Austrian news sites.

Learn from The Guardian.

Among the topics of this workshop:
// Why should journalists care about Social Media?
// Which topics are particularly successful/popular in Social Media?
// How can I write a story that will incite people to share it?
// How can I write a headline that will trigger the readers’ click reflex?
// How to coordinate Social Media activities in the newsroom?
// How to motivate journalists to optimize their stories?
// Examples for good practice – best practice – bad practice.

Any examples from your newsroom will represent welcome additions to this workshop’s discussions.


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