How to write a book

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14.-15. April 2020, 09.30 – 16.00 Uhr
€ 490,- / für Freie, Studierende und ZerDi-Alumni -50%

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You have great ideas. You know how to report. You know how to write. But do you know what it takes to write a book? This two-day “crash course” will take you from “I have an idea!” to a workable concept, and from concept to proposal. We will focus on how to manage your time to make a project of this kind possible, how to organize the mountains of material  it takes to write a book, what a book proposal looks like and why you MUST write one. Along the way we will talk about the commercial publishing world, self-publishing, agents, contracts and—and the challenging and satisfying life of a book author.


Your Trainer:

Lauren Kessler ( is an American journalist and the award-winning author of 9 books who combines lively narrative with deep research to explore everything from the seemingly romantic but oh-so-gritty world of ballet to the wild, wild west of the anti-aging movement, from the stormy seas of the mother-daughter relationship to the hidden world of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Her books have been Wall Street Journal and People magazine „best“ selections, Washington Post and Los Angles Times bestsellers. She has written for the New York Times magazine, Los Angeles Times magazine, O (Oprah) magazine and The Nation among others. Her book of essays on the art and craft of writing, Gute Texte, was just recently published in Austria.

She blogs at about wellness and living an engaged life. Kessler is an international speaker and workshop leader and the creator of two graduate programs in narrative journalism at the University of Oregon.

14.04.2020 - 15.04.202009:30 - 16:00
490, für Freie, Studierende und ZerDi-Alumni -50% (Förderungen möglich)
Lauren Kessler