Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

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Podcasting is enjoying a global boom. Driven by new digital technologies, it’s never been so easy to create, distribute and consume high quality audio content. New players, legacy media operators and non-media brands, are all moving into this space, creating content across a wide variety of genres. This offers exciting opportunities for journalists and content creators with strong audio, storytelling and critical thinking skills.

At the end of this workshop participants will have an understanding of podcasting and audio storytelling. This will be developed through listening exercises, discussions and in class creative exercises. No previous audio experience is required.

Alongside this, participants will have also developed an outline for their own podcast. Designed to support company, or personal, needs, we will work together to identify the building blocks of a successful podcast. With these foundations in place, students who want to go on and make their own content, will be in a stronger position to do so.

Participants should bring with them a smartphone, headphones (ideally larger over-ear ones), as well as lots of enthusiasm and ideas!

NB: This is not a technical class, but we will explore some of the craft skills and techniques used by audio journalists to tell more sophisticated – technically produced – stories. Although having strong technical skills can enable you to produce more complex work, these skills are not obligatory.

The program is designed to be undertaken using a range of free smartphone apps, which anyone can use. More high end equipment (e.g. recorders and microphones) can be used if you are familiar with them, but they are not essential.


Learning outcomes

Through instructor led discussion, group and individual assignments, by the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  1. Understand and describe the current audio and podcasting market (players, drivers for growth etc.) 
  2. Critically evaluate a wide range of audio content.
  3. Generate your own audio content and ideas.
  4. Confidently pitch your own ideas.
  5. Create your own content using free tools on your smartphone.


Learning methods will include:

  • Class led discussions
  • Listening to – and critically evaluating – audio content
  • In-class assignments and tasks (listening, pitching etc.)
  • Out of class assignments (content creation, content review and idea development)

Instructor bio

Damian Radcliffe is the Carolyn S. Chambers Professor in Journalism at the University of Oregon, an Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture Studies, and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

He is an experienced journalist, analyst, consultant and researcher who has worked in senior and mid-level editorial, research, and policy positions for the past two decades in the UK, Middle East and the USA.

A life-long digital intrapreneur, Damian has led new creative and research initiatives at The Local Radio Company, BBC, Ofcom (the UK Communications Regulator), CSV—a volunteering and social action charity, Qatar’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) and the University of Oregon.

Damian is a regular contributor to major media outlets such as the BBC, CBS Interactive (ZDNet), and The Huffington Post, as well as a number of other publications, with a key focus on the evolution of journalism.

Outside of work, Damian has visited over 55 countries around the world and travel is one of his great passions.

He is originally from the UK and retains his British accent and teeth.

Key audio experience

  • 10+ years experience in radio for the BBC and UK commercial radio.
  • UK’s youngest ever Program Controller for a full-time FM radio station.
  • Led a multi-award winning radio-led multi-media partnership between BBC and a UK NGO.
  • 70 staff (6 direct reports) and 300 volunteers, across 40 project locations.  
  • 33,285 broadcasts, worked with 3,672 partners to engage 165,190 citizens.
  • Member: World College Radio Day Advisory Board.

Website:            www.damianradcliffe.com

Twitter:               @damianradcliffe

19.06.2017 - 20.06.201709:30 - 17:00
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Damian Radcliffe
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