Next in Media: The changing game of the news industry

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Online-Workshop mit Robert Hernandez
Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2020, 18.00 – 20.00 Uhr

Info: So nehme ich an einem Zoom-Meeting teil.
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Dieser Workshop ist aus dem Digitalisierungsfonds Arbeit 4.0 der Arbeiterkammer Wien gefördert. Der symbolische Kostenbeitrag beträgt für JournalistInnen und Medien-MitarbeiterInnen 25 Euro.


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What are the tools and technical developments that could impact journalism in the near future and why we need to pay attention to them now? Robert Hernandez, media innovator from the University of Annenberg, will give an overview on the tec developments the journalism world should have an eye on: From the return of Google Glass to videogrammetry, from the the status of VR to Data Viz in XR and Spatial Computing.


You will learn:

  • Why Glass is coming back (wearables ranging from Focals by North to Echo Frames to Glass).
  • How photogrammetry and videogrammetry works.
  • Why there is an arms race to run the AR World.
  • About the status of VR (which has lessened as we pivot to AR/XR).
  • What Data Viz in XR is all about.
  • What Spatial Computing is and why it matters.


Dieses Angebot richtet sich an:

Journalists interested in the changing game of the news industry and in technical developments that will have an impact on journalism.


Das müssen Sie vorbereiten/mitbringen:

No preparations or special skills required.


Max. TeilnehmerInnen-Zahl: 30


Ihr Trainer:

Robert Hernandez is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice at USC Annenberg, but he’s not an academic… He’s more of a “hackademic” and specializes in “MacGyvering” Web journalism solutions. He has worked for,,, La Prensa Gráfica, among others. His most recent work includes Augmented Reality, Wearables/Google Glass and Virtual Reality — he and his students produce VR experiences under their brand: Jovrnalism. He is the recipient of SPJ’s 2015 Distinguished Teaching in Journalism Award.
Twitter:  @webjournalist @vrjournalism

20.10.202018:00 - 20:00
25, dieser Workshop ist Teil des Next in Media Programms. € 50 für alle nicht-journalistischen Berufe.
Robert Hernandez
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