The Journalistic Interview

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Journalist and professor Peter Laufer uses, studies and teaches interview. His many nonfiction books are researched via immersion in his source material and subsequent conversational interviews. As a talk radio practitioner, his programs are the result of extemporaneous interviews. And in his University of Oregon classroom he teaches devices to elicit the unexpected from the most guarded and reserved interviewees.

Conducting an interview is standard practice for journalists.  Find a source, ask a question and note the answer.  Too often the result of such an encounter is mundane.  More and more newsmakers are well-practiced respondents.  They are trained by professional media manipulators to avoid answering uncomfortable questions while spreading the messages they want journalists to convey to the public.

Specific interview processes dealt with in this workshop include:

•Filter questions
•Delicate questions (grief, etc.)
•The value of silence
•Building the relationship with the source – fast
•Changing quotes
•There are no stupid questions
•Controlling the interview/creating a peer-to-peer relationship
•What constitutes “off the record”
•Stalking, ambush, harassment
•Architecture of the interview setting
•Sequencing of interview events
•Follow-up questions
•Story color
•Cross-culture interviewing

Exercises include opportunities for participants to push their comfort zones regarding interaction with interviewees, and practice in the use of tangential and unexpected questions to break through the barriers of media-trained sources.

Dieser Kurs kann im Rahmen des Masterstudiums „Journalismus und neue Medien“ der FH-Wien angerechnet werden.

21.06.201209:30 - 17:00
23.06.201209:30 - 17:00
Peter Laufer
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