Learning Lab Audience Engagement

Media users are no longer passive audiences: readers, listeners and viewers participate in the design of contributions, they are in close contact with editors or are themselves consulted as experts. Audience participation in media poses new challenges: How can and should the experiences and contributions of the audience be integrated and exploited? What role should media play in the design of communities online and offline? How do you get in touch with your audience and come to an exchange – how does interaction work?

Innovative Training

There is a great need for qualified employees for this field of innovation. For that reason fjum_forum journalism and media runs the „Learning Lab Audience Engagement“. In this training stakeholders from all media sectors – technology and IT, editors and management – and experts in the field of process-oriented work cooperate on elaborating answers to these questions and find appropriate solutions for media companies.


During six interactive modules participants are introduced to knowledge and experience on user participation and incorporate new skills on audience engagement in creative exchange. In this training, experts will present insights into the design of participatory processes and audience involvement and, together with the participants, examine and further develop the needs and requirements of journalistic practice.

Participants developped a „catalog“ of necessary qualifications that will result in new educational programs and materials.

Learning Lab 2016/17 – Key Data

Outlook and Insights

The reflections of the participants of Lernlab 2016-17 on what they had learned during the eight-month process of the “Learning Lab Audience Engagement” provides valuable insights for the application of audience engagement in practice. By being the subject of “engagement” themselves, the participants of the “Learning Lab Audience Engagement” learn which methods of engagement can work, how they can raise trust and which factors can contribute to success or failure.

The process of the Learning Lab helps to make the preconditions for the functioning of participative processes tangible. “I must simply always expect that people cannot or do not want to participate because their time budget dictates that they have better things to do. It’s that simple. In fact, that is an ‘AHA’ effect at a certain point”, one participant resumes.

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