Webinar series "Innovation Tuesday" – fjum's crowdsourcing experiment

Participate and propose topics and speakers on:

– New concepts in journalism; public relations and marketing;
– The latest gadgets;
– Innovative online services.

The “Innovation Tuesday” is a “Pay-What-You-Want” event.

powered by tricider

Each second Tuesday of every month at 1730 CET we will invite an expert or deal with a topic, chosen from your suggestions. This Webinar will provide you with insights from international experts in a 75 minutes lasting interactive webinar session. The presentations are being followed by discussions.

Innovation Tuesday is driven by “the people formerly known as the audience” (Dan Gillmor). Hence, a crowdsourced approach will give you the possibility to propose and vote for a guest speaker or presenter.

If you miss a session you can watch a recording and pay as well as you like.


A webinar is a live online seminar that connects all participants via audio, video and chat. Required are a fast computer and a stable broadband internet connection. The use of headsets and webcams is recommended. For this webinar the latest version of Adobe Connect will be used.

The Dates:
February 14, 2012 with Nicolas Kayser-Bril
April 10, 2012 with Sree Sreenivasan
May 8, 2012 with Ken Doctor
June 12, 2012
September 11, 2012
Oktober 09, 2012
November 13, 2012
December 11, 2012

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