Angelina Davydova

Environmental and climate journalist

Angelina Davydova
Angelina Davydova

Angelina Davydova is an environmental and climate journalist, writing for the Russian and international media, NGOs and think-tanks. She is a co-host of the English-language podcast The Eurasian Climate Brief.

Davydova was based in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, until March 2022 (when she had to leave the country because of her anti-war position) and is now resides in Berlin, Germany.

In Russia, Davydova wrote for Kommersant, edited the magazine "Environment and Law" and hosted a radio program on Echo of Moscow in St. Petersburg.

Davydova is currently a fellow of the journalistic program Media in Cooperation and Transition (MICT) in Berlin. She is a climate journalism coordinator with n-ost, a Berlin-based network for cross-border journalism and has been an observer with the UN climate negotiations (UNFCCC) since 2008. She is a member of the World Future Council since October 2020.

Angelina Davydova has been delivering lectures and participating in seminars at numerous universities in Russia, Germany, and the US. She also organizes trainings on environmental and climate journalism and communication for media and NGO professionals.

She has graduated from The St.Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance in 2000 and completed a number of international educational and professional development programs, including the Thomson Reuters Foundation programme in Oxford University (2006), City of Hamburg Young Leaders Internship Program (2009), Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (UC Berkeley, California, 2012) and Humphrey Fellowship (UC Davis, 2018-2019