Srđan Bogosavljević

Public opinion expert

Professor Dr. Srđan Bogosavljević
Professor Dr. Srđan Bogosavljević

Professor Dr. Srđan Bogosavljević graduated in mathematics and obtained his MSc in 1977 and PhD in 1982 in mathematical statistics. He has been actively engaged in the field of mathematical statistics ever since. He commenced his professional journey at the Yugoslav Institute of Statistics in 1975 as a researcher, eventually ascending to the position of Chief Executive, a role he held from 1982 to 1992. During this tenure, he also served as an expert-consultant at Statistics Netherlands in 1989. Subsequently, he assumed the role of a full-time professor at Belgrade University, where he imparts knowledge in subjects related to statistics and market research.

From 1996 to 2015, Srđan served as the Chief Executive Officer of (Ipsos) Strategic Marketing, a company that he founded. In 2009, this enterprise became part of Ipsos, a leading global research chain. Since its inception, the company has held the distinction of being the largest research company in Serbia. With the establishment of offices in five Western Balkans countries, it also became the predominant research company in the region. The company, under Professor Dr. Srđan's leadership, has consistently been honored with the prestigious "With Full Steam Ahead" award for the best research company in Serbia since 2007.

Professor Bogosavljević has authored over 400 scientific and professional texts and has successfully led numerous complex projects. His contributions extend to membership on editorial boards for various professional magazines, including Statistical Review, Economic Trends, MAP, and YUJOR. Moreover, he has held distinguished positions in numerous councils, committees, and professional associations. These include the Open Society Foundation Serbia, Economic Faculty Council, Belgrade University Council, OSIFE Advisory Board, Civic Initiatives, Economist Magazine Advisory Council, among others.

He is a member of professional associations such as ESOMAR, International Statistical Institute, UOIS, and Statistical Society Serbia. Srđan has received accolades for his achievements from the Statistical System of Yugoslavia and has been honored with an Award for his significant contribution to Market Research from the journal Taboo and the Chamber of Commerce. Notably, he has also received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Market Research from the Serbian Marketing Association (UEPS).

Srđan's primary interests encompass statistical multivariate analysis and modeling, data analysis in general, as well as the planning, conducting, and analysis of statistical surveys. He was born in 1950 in Belgrade.