Ali Žerdin 

Ali Žerdin

Ali Žerdin (1965) is editor- in- chief of the Saturday supplement of the main Slovenian daily, Delo, book author, and regular commentator on current political events.

As a journalist, editor, and editor- in- chief, he has worked for the country’s most important media outlets: Radio Študent; opposition weekly Mladina, a reference in former Yugoslavia; the second most important daily Dnevnik, and since 2010 for Delo.

Žerdin pursued both academic and journalistic research. In 2012, he obtained a PhD in sociology from the University of Ljubljana. His analyzed the interlocking directorates, i.e. the network of individuals who simultaneously sit on boards of different companies, and may exert political influence. His research on interconnections between Slovenia’s economic and political elites was awarded as the best doctoral thesis in 2012. Žerdin aspires is to apply the methods of social network analysis to journalism.

Ali Žerdin authored several books:

Generali brez kape (Generals without Caps) describes social movements between 1988 and 1990 that changed the political landscape of Slovenia (1997)

Omrežje moči (Power Network) describes Slovenian corporate and political elite (2012)

France Bučar, biography of the first chairman of Slovenian parliament, public intellectual, founding father of Slovenian democracy and independence, and the main author of the current Slovenian constitution. (2015)

Ujetniki omrežij (Prisoners of Networks), 2018.