Eva Hanáková 

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Eva Hanáková

Eva Hanáková is Editor-in-Chief and media manager from the Czech Republic.

Eva started her journalistic career in 2000, when she joined the editorial team of the main Czech business daily Hospodarske noviny (HN),  part of the Economia Publishing House. As a graduate from the University of Economics in Prague (Faculty of International Relations), she  specialized in macroeconomics and financial issues.

At the same time, Eva studied law at the Charles University in Prague. She covered corruption and corporate frauds, as the turn of millennium was a synonym for scandals in financial and corporate fields.

In 2005, Eva was appointed the Head of Business Desk of Hospodarske Noviny (HN) and became responsible for the whole business section, called Companies and Markets. As a member of the broader management of the HN daily, she contributed to the preparation of new journalistic Codex of Ethics.

In September 2007, Eva was nominated Editor-in-Chief of Ekonom, the leading business weekly. In her new post, she  changed the content strategy, hired investigative journalists, and created an investigative mini-team that was capable of covering the topics such as corruption in the Czech administration as well as unhealthy relations between the managers of the state owned companies and politicians. During her four-year term in this position, Ekonom published many breakthrough stories focusing on fraudulent business practices and obtained “Magazine of the Year” award.

At the beginning of 2013, Eva – together with the respected Czech publisher Michal Klima – founded an independent digital publishing outlet Tablet Media that published news and business magazines – just on tablets and smartphones. She was nominated Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director of the whole Tablet Media with the responsibility for the concept, content and digital strategies of all titles.

DOTYK weekly was launched in May 2013 and was the first tablet-only  weekly in Europe. This magazine specialised in in-depth stories from various fields  – e.g. economy, business, politics, science, art, etc. – and its main mission was to bring back quality and independent journalism to the Czech Republic, while using modern and reader-friendly tools.

Under her leadership, DOTYK magazine obtained different awards: Best Digital Publication in Czech Republic, Mobile App of the Year, Visionarist of the Year. Moreover, in April 2014, Dotyk was awarded The Best Tablet Publication in Europe by the respected WAN-IFRA (The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers) organization. It was the first time since the Velvet Revolution when a Czech publisher obtained such an international award.

At the beginning of 2016, this small media startup was acquired by a group of Czech financial investors and became part of a traditional publishing house: VLM Publishing House (No.1 on the Czech market in terms of circulation). Eva Hanáková was named Deputy CEO for Content Strategies and she stayed there till the end of 2016.

Presently, Eva is preparing a brand new project. Her mission is to bring one of the respected Silicon Valley’s think-tanks into the Czech Republic. It is called Singularity University (nickname Harvard of Silicon Valley) and its main missions is to explore and  explain the effect of exponential growth of technologies on our lives and  businesses.