Grzegorz Makowski 

Grzegorz Makowski

Grzegorz Makowski is an expert on corruption, working for the Stefan Batory Foundation in Warsaw,  and former director of its  Public Integrity Program.  He is an assistant professor at the Warsaw School of Economics as well as an expert in ideasForum.

Between 2003 and 2013, he was a senior analyst and head of the Civil Society Program at the Institute of Public Affairs. Makowski has been involved in numerous academic research and non-governmental advocacy projects related to anti-corruption policies, and civil society development.

Since 2012, Makowski has been involved in various research and advocacy activities focused on
strengthening whistleblowers’ protection in Poland and Europe. He initiated and co-authored Polish citizens’ bill on whistleblowers’ protection (

Makowski cooperated with the Transparency International on advocacy for the EU directive on whistleblowers.

He is the author and editor of number of articles, research reports and books on civil society, good governance and corruption and whistleblowers, among others: “The Act on Whistleblower Protection – the need for and the prospects of its introduction in Poland”(Stefan Batory
Foundation, 2016),  “From Weber to the web… can ICT reduce bureaucratic corruption?” (Springer, 2017), “Law Regarding Civil Society in Poland (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2017); “Diffusion of corruption in Poland” (Ashgate, 2012)

Makowski holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Warsaw.