Ilya  Azar 

Ilya  Azar

Ilya Azar (35, Moscow)

Ilya was a reporter for and, wrote a lot about political and social life in the former Soviet republics and Russian North Caucasus, and covered the revolution in Kyrgyzstan, the 2008 Russian-Georgian war in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

He then worked at Meduza and specialized on activities of the Russian political opposition. He wrote about the Snow Revolution of 2011-2012 in Russia, as well as the Euromaidan / the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. Ilya became known thanks to his signature genre of long interviews with various Russian and international public figures, human rights advocates, journalists and politicians.

Lately, Ilya has been writing for Novaya Gazeta. He published stories about Nadezhda Savchenko and Oleg Sentsov, about the attempted coup in Turkey.

In 2017 Ilya was elected the municipal deputy in one of Moscow’s central districts, where he also created and headed a municipal district newspaper.


Preferred topics:

Ethnic conflicts, human rights, social clashes, activities of the opposition and civic activists