Ladislav Cabada 

Ladislav Cabada

Ladislav Cabada (1973) is Associated Professor in political science at Dept. of Political Science and Humanities of the Metropolitan University Prague. At this academic institution he also works as the Vice-Rector for the Research and Creative Work and Vice-Rector for Quality and Development. Next to this, he is also Visiting Scholar at National University of Public Service in Budapest. In 2005 he co-founded the international scientific review Politics in Central Europe and has been working as the editor of this journal. In 2006–2012 he served as the Chair of Czech Political Science Association, since 2012 he has been working as the President of Central European Political Science Association. He is Dean Emeritus (2005–2009) at the Faculty of Arts, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. He focuses mainly on comparative politics of East Central Europe, regionalism and development studies, Europeanisation, Euroscepticism and political anthropology. On these themes he published or co-published more than 20 books and about 150 other scientific publications, about one half in abroad. Among the recent publications we should mention:

Cabada, L. – WALSCH, Christopher (Hrsg.) (2019): Imaginäre Räume in Zentraleuropa. Kulturelle Transformationen, politische Repräsentationen und trans/nationale Identitätsentwürfe. Herne: Gabrielle Schäfer Verlag.

Cabada, L. – Waisová, Š. et al (2018): Security, Foreign and European policy of the Visegrad Group. Prague: Togga

Krašovec, A. – Cabada, L. (2018): Adaptability of political parties to the economic and financial crisis? Some evidence from Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Annales, Series Historia et Sociologia, Vol. 28, No. 4, 865-880, doi: 0.19233/ASHS.2018.53.

Cabada, L. and Walsch, Ch. 2017. Od Dunajské federace k Viegrádu … a zpět. Staré a nové formáty středoevropské spolupráce [From Danubian Federation towards the Visegrad Group … and back. Old and New Central European Cooperation Formats]. Prague: LIBRI and MUP Press.