Paul Dekker 

Paul Dekker, Professor of Civil Society at Tilburg University, the Netherlands
Paul Dekker
Tilburg University

Paul Dekker (1954) is Professor of Civil Society at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and Head of the Participation, Culture & Living Environment Department of the Netherlands Institute for Social Research | SCP, The Hague.

He is a political scientist by training (Catholic University of Nijmegen/Free University of Berlin (West)) and most of his research has been in the field of political sociology, with side-lines in political economy, public administration and political psychology.

Main topics of research have been authoritarianism, political attitudes, social and political participation, voluntary associations, religious involvement, and the Dutch third sector in comparative perspective. Major recent projects are in the field of public opinion research, focussing in particular on the negative public mood in the country, institutional trust, and attitudes towards government and the European Union.

Paul Dekker is vice-chair of the Political Psychology Research Committee of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), editor of the Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies book series of Springer, and member of the editorial boards of the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, the Journal of Civil Society, Politics, Culture and Socialization, Recerca and the Dutch Jaarboek Marktonderzoek.

He is a partner of Itssoin (Impact of the Third Sector as Social Innovation; EU framework 7; 2014 – present) and before he was local associate of the Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project (1995-2005), national coordinator & international management board member of Cinefogo (Civil Society and New Forms of Governance; EU framework 6; 2005-2010), and secretary of the International society of Third Sector Research (2009-2014).  


Selection of publications:

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